7/5/2019 update

I'm not very good at this updating thing, am I.

While Sandy works on tidying up Stay Woke (entry for a jam that had us distracted for a month or so),  I've been tackling the graphics side of the game. Some of the things I've done:

  • Completed 3 minor spritesets (plus their variants.)
  • Played around with the concept of the backgrounds. I have some weird ideas for style and animation (gif attached below.) I'm not far from a final version.
  • Got started with UI elements. Mainly, I've completed textbox and icon graphics (CTC button, cursor for choices, etc.)
  • Did some minor writing, around 3k words.

A lot of this doesn't make sense out of the context, but I'm trying to avoid spoiling some stuff I want to keep a surprise. I'll be starting weekly updates on my twitter where I'll talk about what I've done and what I'll do for the following week, so give it a follow if you're interested!

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Woah, you’ve been working hard! The backgrounds look cool, I can’t wait to see more!